Welcome to Go Girl Foundation Uganda

We help vulnerable children and youth to a better future. You can help too!

Go Girl Foundation members producing baskets for sale – one of the ways we raise money to our projects and to help pay tuition fees for girls.

Organisation Background

Go Girl Foundation (GGF) Uganda is a Non-governmental organization focusing on the survival, protection and development of vulnerable children and youth. GGF Uganda was established in 2015 by Nakabugo Happiness and other young women advocates banded together to protect and learn from each other. GGF Uganda uses a human rights based approach in advancing the interventions to the children and youth encountering the contemporary social problems and rights violation. GGF Uganda Supports programs such as education and sponsorship, life skills development, menstrual health programs, psychosocial support, and vocational training to provide skills for self-reliance. We realized that many children especially girls and youth drop out of school at an earlier age while others have not got an opportunity to go to school. The pioneers have sought to restore hope in, dignity and self confidence among girls and youth through provision of basic needs, psycho social support and skills development for self-actualization


Vision statement

A world where girls are contributing to the social, economic and political development of their communities



To protect, respect and fulfilling the rights of vulnerable girls through provision of education and skills development, health, child protection and economic support


Core Values

Equality.   We treat all children equally regardless of where they come from, sex, tribe, religion etc.

Transparence.  We have built a foundation of trust with the community, governments and other friends who support our mission. Our greatest responsibility is guaranteeing the well-being of children by ensuring high standards of care. In doing this we are committed to using all funds and resources wisely, with respect and accountability

Independence and skills for self reliance. We equip our children with skills that can make them independent and self reliant.

Care and love. Our children are loved and cared for and provided with the basic needs required in life.


Overall Goal

To build the capacity of children and youth to appreciate their right to education and skills